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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (TES IV: Oblivion)

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Singleplayer roleplay game by Bethesda Softworks, developed for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3. Released in March 2006, Oblivion combines freeform gameplay and cutting-edge graphics. New revolutionary Radiant AI system, thousands of NPCs with unique personality and behavior, huge and immensely detailed game world make this game the best upcoming singleplayer RPG - at least until Elder Scrolls V! Oblivion will be published by Bethesda and 2K Games.

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Oblivion Articles

Please check the complete index of Oblivion articles on this page.

List of Racial Special Abilities - Contains all special abilities gained by different playable races.

Chart of Oblivion Race Starting Attributes and Skill Bonuses - The chart provides an extensive reference of starting attributes for all Oblivion races, including differences between males and females of each race, as well as skill bonuses granted to each of the races by default.

Chart of Oblivion Skills and Attributes - Contains all Oblivion attributes with corresponding skills.

Oblivion INI Tweaks - It's possible to use Oblivion.ini for tweaking game performance and enabling several important features. This article explains why and how Oblivion configuration file should be modified.

Oblivion Essential Knowledge - Hints about Oblivion installation, performance, and configuration. Includes a complete hotkey list (with undocumented hotkeys) and printable .doc version of the same list.

Oblivion FAQ - One of the most detailed FAQs available out there, it contains general Oblivion information, as well as game world and game mechanics details.
Oblivion Official FAQ - Official TES IV frequently asked questions by Bethesda.

The Oblivion Facts List by ixidorsbane - the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of facts that are known about Oblivion. Up-to-date version is available at new website of Encyclopaedia Oblivionicus.

Oblivion Interviews - Index page for Oblivion interviews.

Bethesda's Clues by Miguel - Description of 8 initial clues that Bethesda released about Oblivion in September 2004, when even the name "Oblivion" for the new TES IV game remained unknown.


Oblivion Screenshots

Screenshot Index

Oblivion official PC screenshots
Oblivion official Xbox screenshots
Oblivion art & wallpapers


Oblivion Files

TES IV: Oblivion Title Music by Jeremy Soule - mp3 version, 2,53 Mb
TES IV: Oblivion Title Music by Jeremy Soule - packed with RAR, 2,50 Mb





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