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These clues were the first information Bethesda ever published about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Not information actually... clues. Clues on separate black pages with a huge daedric "O" in the center, and the clue itself displaying on the top - in English and in Daedric. 8 clues were published in 8 days, from September 2 2004 to September 9 2004. They are all still available online; you can view them by clicking links above the clue text.

Explanations first posted by Miguel on Arwen's Forums. Published on Cyrodiil Chronicles with author's permission.


First Clue

When the dragon dies, the Empire dies.

This one clearly points to the fall of the Empire due to the fall of the Emperor. (the dragon is the Emperor in Tamrielic lore, that's why there is a dragon at Ebonheart). This is a quote from a seer in Bloodmoon.

The O written in volcanic Daedric seems to point to Oblivion, and more specifically to the House of troubles.

Second Clue

Where is the lost dragon's blood, the Empire's sire?

Well, this one refers to a lost empirial bloodline, which will eventualy be the one that holds the destiny of the Empire. This is also a quote from a seer in Bloodmoon.

Third Clue

And from the womb of the void, who shall stem the blood tide?

This one refers implicitaly to Oblivion, which is the source of all things (Aedra and Daedra created the world, therefore womb), and how it will invade the world, leaving destruction wherever it goes. This is a continuation of prophecy of the seer from Bloodmoon.

(Note: I think that Mehrunes Dagon, whose spehere is destruction, will play a very important part on this, because of the O written in the middle being in a volcanic font.)

Fourth Clue

So long as the blood of the dragon prince runs strong in her rulers, the glory of the empire shall extend in unbroken years.

They are getting trickier. This clue no longer is a quote from the Bloodmoon seer. What confuses us the most is the -her-, and that, I have to admit that puzzled me. But thanks to a friend (KillerTV) I learnt that dragons are usually refered as shes, instead of as hes. The puzzle started to make sense. Well, this one points even more to the fact of a lost lineage, if you read it this way:

While the blood of the Emperor prince (with prince refering to as the first, Tiber Septim) runs strong in thei rulers, the Empire will prevail. Shall the royal blood fade, the Empire will fall.

But what if the royal blood would no longer run in the current Emperor veins, but would still exist?, like was pointed to us in the second clue, trough a royal lineage?

Fifth Clue

His heart's blood bleeds in darkness.

Damn, I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say that contrarily to the other clues, when I read this one, I felt like Arwen: completely clueless. A few more reads gave me a slightly better opinion, but still the worst of them all and is a COMPLETE guess, but, as I don't want to leave a blank space, here it goes: This way it could already mean that the lineage is getting weaker all the time, and that probably that the bloodline somehow got involved with Oblivion but failed somehow, and is now damaged because of its failure. (I know, stupid, but I wouldn't like to leave a blank post)

Sixth Clue

Now that the portals are opened, who shall shut them upon the rising tide?

Well, I challenge anyone to tell me that this does not refer to Oblivion, and posting why would be repeating myself. There is a detail that most people aren't considering, which is the use of the word "who": the use of this word refers to the fact that someone, even if it sounds unlikely, will be able to once again trap the Daedra into their realm: Oblivion.

Seventh Clue

...for Lord Dagon forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters of oblivion for...

My first reaction to this was something like this. A circle. We dont know where it starts nor where it begins. Ok.. Fair game. Wait. No fair game, cause I can't even make up some conclusion about it. the best I could think off is that Lord Dagon (a Daedra Lord, whose sphere is destruction and one of the corners of the House of Troubles in Morrowind) is going to finally take some measures on conquering/destroying Nirm.

Eighth Clue

Find him... And close shut the marble doors of Oblivion.

How clearer do you want? It's all in this little phrase! Find the heir, and the hordes of Oblivion will once again, and hopefully forever trapped there. (Oh, and by the way, the symbol is no longer the Oblivion O but is now the The Elder Scrolls IV. And tomorrow, by 2.00, 3.00 pm (GMT) we should have more info (not clues, INFO) on TES IV.)


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