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Best TES Resources

Elderscrolls.com - The Official Site

Bethesda Softworks - Home of Bethesda Softworks LLC, creators of Oblivion.

Planet Elder Scrolls - Great Morrowind and Oblivion resource with the largest plugin database; hosted by Gamespy (previously known as Morrowind Summit).

TES Nexus (former TES Source) - One of the longest running fansites for the Elder Scrolls series. Covering Morrowind and Oblivion.

UESP (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, wiki) - The most comprehensive TES resource ever, my favorite.

The Imperial Library - The best place to find The Elder Scrolls books and lore.


Oblivion Websites

Following sites feature interesting content and are frequently updated:

Oblivion Portal - Fan site with a list of interviews and user forums.

Encyclopaedia Oblivionicus - New Encyclopaedia Oblivionicus website with extensive information on Oblivion and TES IV modding.

Chorrol.com - New Oblivion fansite created by Waiting4Oblivion authors.

OblivioWiki - New Oblivion wiki from creators of the largest Guild Wars site, GuildWiki.

Beginner's Guide to Oblivion - Well-known guide series continue to Oblivion.

Oblivion Files - Filefront.com section dedicated to Oblivion.

Unforgotten Realms - Oblivion - New version of Unforgotten Realms, specially dedicated to Oblivion.

Oblivion Map - Interactive web-based map of Cyrodiil.

Oblivion-Online - This fan site covers both the Morrowind and Oblivion games.

Oblivion Azzor - A fan site by Azzor.com dedicated to TES IV: Oblivion.

Maiq Lore Site - New lore site for all TES.

Oblivion Game Guide - Guide about TES IV: Oblivion.

Beyond Oblivion - An interactive blog with quality content and news.

Cyrodiil Chronicles - The site where you are now ;)

Useful Software:

Oldblivion Homepage - Home of a great program that allows to run Oblivion on lower than minimum system requirements computers.

Alchemy Sites:

Avid Alchemist's Alcove - Features flash map of Oblivion.

Darliandor's Alchemy Lab - Alchemy Lab for Oblivion, site dedicated specifically to alchemy.

Following sites may feature original content, but were never updated since game release, 2005, or even 2004:

Rough Guide to Cyrodiil - Podcast about TES IV: Oblivion.

Szazzmyr's Elder Scrolls Pages - Fansite dedicated to TES III and TES IV.

Faces of Oblivion - Site featuring Oblivion screenshot galleries.

Oblivion Gaming - "The Best Oblivion Fansite out there!", as author describes it.

Oblivion Wallpapers - Site featuring Oblivion-related wallpapers, hosted by Angelfire.

Waiting4Oblivion - Site containing pre-release Oblivion information.


Oblivion Blogs & Fan Fiction

Arwen's Oblivion Journal - Recently started journal from Arwen, creator of Trials of a Clueless Wood Elf. In addition to journal itself, features a forum, mod selection and other materials on Oblivion.

Trials of a Clueless Wood Elf - Arwen's Morrowind journal.

Days of Oblivion - A virtual diary that chronicles a journey through Oblivion.

DigitalHobbit's Oblivion Blog - Blog dedicated to different Oblivion news.

Victoria's Oblivion Diary - Oblivion diary hosted by Blogspot.com.

From Here to Oblivion - Rhiadri's Oblvion journal.

Hrovnir Frostfist's Blog - Adventures of a Nord in Cyrodiil.


Oblivion Forums

Cyrodiil Forums - The Elder Scrolls forums by Cyrodiil Chronicles.

Blood and Shadows - A forum for Thieves and Assassins in the Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion world.

Oblivion Source - phpBB-based forums for Oblivion.

Arwen's Forums - Forums by Arwen, author of Morrowind and Oblivion role-playing journals, with sections dedicated to Oblivion and gaming in general.

The Oblivion Gamer - New Invisionfree forum for Oblivion.

www.pspsoftware.co.za/gamerooms - TES IV: Oblivion forum, phpBB based.

http://oblivionfaqs.sunrisetechnicalgroup.com - One more new Oblivion board.

Cyrodiil's Finest - InvisionFree-based Oblivion forum.

Oblivion Forum at Sorcerer's Place - "Spend some time on our boards and experience the difference."

Commander's Morrowind Lair - General TES forum with an Oblivion section.

Ranger's Guild - Fan site featuring a forum, mods and more.

The Dark Brotherhood - Active and well-designed Oblivion forum.


Oblivion Modding

Due to immense number of modding sites and forums out there, Oblivion Modding links were transferred to a separate Mod links page.


Morrowind Sites

MorrowindDot - An extensive fan site hosted by RPGDot.

MW Traveler's Guide - This fan site offers beginning players a variety of helpful game hints.

Hannah's Whereizit - Directions to hard to find Morrowind places, people, items.

Unofficial Guide To Elder Scrolls III - Another notable guide.

The Gratuitous Guar page - An amazing fan site featuring all things Guar!

Bullhonkie's Guide - Site containing helpful Morrowind FAQs.

Guide to Tribunal - Guide devoted to one of Morrowind expansions.

Morrowind After Dark - Everything about Tamriel vampires.

Desslock's Guide - This guide has exhaustive lists of books, items, quests and all sorts of other things.

Beginner's Guide to Morrowind - Provides beginning players with information on Morrowind.

Morrowind Treasury - Contains a comprehensive list of where Morrowind artifacts can be found, as well as what they do.


Morrowind Modifications & Files

Khalazza Productions - A large modding site hosting a number of interesting projects.

Morrowind Developers Society - A nice site specifically for modders of the game.

Seran's "Muthsera" - Homepage related to Tamriel Rebuilt with interesting design.

HG Morrowind Gateway - Collection of downloads for TES III.

OzMorrowind - Home of Morrowind Character Profile Creator.

Rhedd's Homepage - Homepage of the author of Rhedd's Heads.

Adul's Morrowind Pages - Fan site with a number of innovative Morrowind mods.

Adam's Gaming Knowledge - Freewebs site hosting several mods.

Adaman Productions - If you've ever wanted your face as a Morrowind Character, the people at this site will do it for you.


The Elder Scrolls: Different Websites

These sites don't contain any Oblivion information.

Aldrien's Chalice - Good source of different information about Elder Scrolls games.

Daggerfall - An Enthusiast's Guide - Daggerfall fansite.

Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall - Useful for beginning Daggerfall players.

The Elder Vaults - One more Elder Scrolls fansite.


International TES Websites


Morrowind Germany - Ubisoft's official Morrowind website for Germany

RPG Galaxy - An extensive German fansite covering TES IV and other RPGs.

Planet Oblivion - German fansite focusing on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

TES IV Homepage - German fansite with FAQ and user forums.

Oblivion-Game - German website dedicated to TES games.

Wikiscrolls - A well-designed German wiki on Elder Scrolls.

Talos Plaza - German website about Oblivion.

TheElderScrolls.info - New German website with active forums and lots of content.

Cyrodiil.net.tc - German fansite to TES3 and TES4.

Sharesoft-Portal - German Fansite about The Elder Scrolls IV with Infos, Downloads, and Forum.

Thieves Guild - New well-designed German website.


Univers Oblivion - French website dedicated to TES IV: Oblivion.

Morrowind France - Ubisoft's official Morrowind website for France.

Vvardenfell - A nice and informative French site with game info and user forums.

Oblivion France - Recently started unofficial French website.

La Grande Bibliothèque de Tamriel - A french website about the lore of TES.

Oblivion Z - New Oblivion forum in French.

Portal Wiwiland - French portal on Oblivion.


Elderscrolls.net - The most extensive Elder Scrolls fan site from Russia.

Tamriel Chronicles - Another great fan site from Russia.

Morrowind Fan Site - With user forums and chat rooms.

Fullrest - Fan site with game info, plugins and user forum.

Oblivion Fan Site - With Russian translated announcements and letters.

GhostMasters.ru - Russian portal about Oblivion and Morrowind.


Morrowind Outlander - In-depth Morrowind fan site from Italy.

Morrowind Italia - A well designed site from Italy.

Oblivion Empire - New Oblivion page from Italy, hosted by Altervista.

ElderScrolls.it - An Italian site dedicated to Oblivion, with pics, movies, and Italian translated books from the past chapters of the game.


Oblivion.cz - Oblivion fan site from the Czech Republic.

Morrowind.cz - A very extensive Morrowind fan site from the Czech Republic.

Oblivion Bonusweb - Czech webpage about Oblivion.

TES4 - One more Czech site related to TES IV.


The Elder Scrolls IV - With many official screenshots, a translated FAQ and more.

TesWiki - Oblivion wiki in Spanish.


Mroczne Tajemnice Vvardenfell - Excellent Polish fan site for The Elder Scrolls games.

Adamantytowa Wieza - In-depth fan site with great info on Morrowind and the expansions


Gumininja HQ Oblivion - An Oblivion site from Hungary.

Gumininja HQ Morrowind - A Morrowind site from Hungary.


Morrowind: Aethereal Side - A very nice and informative Japanese fan site for Morrowind


Greek Oblivion Guild - The Greek fan site for Oblivion.


ElderScrolls.se - The Swedish fan site of Elder Scrolls games.


TES Suomalainen foorumi - Finnish Elder Scrolls forums.


The Irish Scrolls - The First Elder Scrolls Irish fansite!


OBLIVIONPT - Portuguese website about Oblivion.


Dutchland Community Oblivion - Dutch website on Oblivion, part of Dutchland Community.


Oblivion Feature Site - Chinese Oblivion website under the biggest Chinese CRPG site, NTRPG.


Oblivionforum.dk - Best Danish forum on TES IV: Oblivion.


Please report any mistakes or dead links in our database via e-mail: igissmail@gmail.com. Use same address if you wish to add your website, delete it or change description listed here.

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