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Date of Igiss Morrowind Pages launch - 10/22/2003

Date of Cyrodiil Chronicles launch - 9/21/2005

Date of Tamriel Chronicles rename - 10/11/2009
Date of Cyrodiil.ru restoration - 8/27/2017

History of Cyrodiil Chronicles began in October 2003 when Igiss Morrowind Pages website was published for the first time. Igiss Morrowind Pages, hosted by 50free.com free hosting service,  was updated for about a year and included info on TES III: Morrowind (released in 2002 for PC and Xbox) and expansions, plus modding content. If you are interested in site updates and announcements during 2003-2004, visit our News Archive page.

In September 2005 the new website - Cyrodiil Chronicles (www.cyrodiil.net) - was created to replace Igiss Morrowind Pages. Cyrodiil Chronicles is mainly dedicated to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the game that continued TES series and was released in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360. The Elder Scrolls III content is still available in the website's Morrowind section.

In March 2006, Cyrodiil Forums were launched as a place of gathering for our Elder Scrolls community. Forums rapidly grew into one of the leading TES message boards out there, featuring about 10 thousand posts, and growing. You can visit the forums at http://cyrodiil.net/forums.



Original concept, design, content: Alexander Zalessky (Александр Залесский) a.k.a Igiss

Oblivion charts and statistics by DM8954
Oblivion Facts List by ixidorsbane
Bethesda's Clues article by Miguel
Encyclopaedia Oblivionicus II by Astarsis & contributors (moved to http://www.oblivionicus.org/)

Site formerly hosted by www.ipipe.ru


First of all, I'd like to thank everyone at Cyrodiil Forums and Discovery Gaming Community for your support in the recent years.

Therefore special thanks (no particular order) to DM8954, Crono, Elvalia, Metamay, Xit, Louisiana Night, Cecasander, EverBlue, Lews Therin.

And thanks to everyone at Arwen's Forums and of course to Arwen herself - without her, this site would've never been launched.


Copyright Notice

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Original content is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.

Cyrodiil Chronicles project is in no way connected to Bethesda Softworks or Zenimax Media Inc.

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