Plugins (Mods)

This page lists some of the Morrowind mods that I made in 2005-2007.


Terundcastle mod

This mod (completed 2007) adds an Imperial keep south of Balmora.



Download Terundcastle 1.0



ScreenShot7Kiranann mod

This incomplete mod (started 2007)
adds a large archipelago northwest of

To the left you can see how Kiranann
was located. Fast travel was available from
Dagon Fel and a number of other places.






Download Kiranann 0.1


Argonian Killer is a small mod (6 kb) that adds a possibility to make the player more powerful than god, capable of killing every living thing in Vvardenfell...and beyond. Just for fun.

.ZIP package including versions for Tribunal and Bloodmoon - KillerArgo 1.4


DomeFix was my first plugin. It fixes several objects placed incorrectly, it's not important but a bit disturbing. Fixed: domes in Hlormaren and Marandus, daedric door in Kushtashpi, tower door in Suran. Cleaned with TES AME, 2 kb.

.ZIP package including versions for Tribunal and Bloodmoon - DomeFix


If you are tired of frequent error messages while loading Morrowind or TES CS, use this:

In Morrowind.ini file, add the following to [General] section:


This will enable "Yes to all" button in the game and "Cancel" button in TES CS. Cancel = Yes to all.



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