Oblivion Modding Links

Links to places where you can get (and submit) Oblivion mods - and learn how to make them.


General Oblivion modding sites & tutorial sites

TES CS Official Wiki - Wiki site with all kinds of TES Construction Set information, run by Bethesda.

Obliviet - Website for Morrowind and Oblivion modders.

Better Oblivion - An attempt to make up a list of best Oblivion mods.

Oblivion Mod Manager home - Hosted by Choroll.com, with a few Oblivion mods as well.


Mod collections

Those links point directly to places where you can download (and submit) mods. Only sites with largest collections mentioned here, others will be added in future.

The Elder Scrolls Source - The largest mod collection for Oblivion (and Morrowind).

Planet Elder Scrolls - One of the largest mod databases by Gamespy.

Oblivion Source - Good modification database from Oblvion Source.

The Elder Scrolls Files - Another large mod database by Filefront.

Oblivion Portal - Collection of mods by Oblivion Portal.

Chorrol.com - Modding section of Chorrol.com.


Websites of modding projects & studios

Creators of large mods (lone modders or studios) usually set up websites for reporting progress on current projects and for hosting their own mods. Those websites are collected here, sorted in alphabetical order.

Archipelagia TC - Archipelagia TC (former Dragonlance TC) website.

Atlantis: Reign of Chaos - Atlantis mod homepage.

Ceano's Mods - Website featuring a collection of different mods.

Dark Journeys - Ranger's Guild portal about a specific mod.

Dark Pixel Studio - A beautiful modding website (though not updated since March).

Faerun TC webpage - Home of Faerun total conversion mod. Hosted by Waiting4Oblivion.

Oblivion Blacklight Mod - Oblivion Backlight mod webpage.

Otherside Chronicles - Home of Oblivion Otherside total conversion mod.

Pyroid Studios - Website with several quality Oblivion mods.

Silgrad Tower - "Our dedicated team of modders are preparing to migrate our world to Oblivion..."

Tamriel Rebuilt - Yes, Rebuilt is back for Oblivion! This time building Redguard province of Hammerfell on Oblivion engine.

TES IV: Vvardenfell - Page of Vvardenfell modification for TES IV.

The Kingdom - Wiki page of The Kingdom mod.

Tubi's Oblivion Mods - Page featuring Tubi's mods for TES IV.


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