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Oblivion Downloads

Official and unofficial downloads for Oblivion. Mods are not listed here, seek them in Oblivion Mods section of this site.


All patches for English versions of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

First final Oblivion patch. For US (English) version of the game. Changelog here, file size 1,56 Mb.

Same patch for UK/European/Australian version. File size 1,27 Mb.

v1.1.425 (beta)
Beta patch. It's not required, as final 1.1 version is available. Changelog here, file size 1,22 Mb.


TES Construction Set (Oblivion)
Ultimate official tool for Oblivion modding. File size 6,34 Mb. More information about mods & modding (including TES CS usage) is available in our Oblivion Mods section.



Unofficial software
Use at your own risk! Those tools are not supported by Bethesda, but might prove most useful.

Oldblivion by Oldblivion Team
Program that allows to run Morrowind on unsupported video cards and systems below minimum system requirements.

download from here: http://oldblivion.com/

Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) by Timeslip
Program with advanced tools for installing and managing Oblivion mods. Helps to evaluate mod compatibility, which might prove helpful if you play with many mods activated and test new ones.

download from here: http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm.html


Original Oblivion.ini

Use those files to restore default values for unsuccessfully modified ini settings. For more information on Oblivion.ini tweaks, see this page.

Copy of my Oblivion.ini saved right after first game launch, 7 Kb:

Copy of my Oblivion.ini saved after first launch of a game with 1.1.511 patch installed, 7 Kb:


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